WARNING: All Registered Agents Are Not Alike!

Would you start a long-term relationship with the first person you met on the internet or would you check them out first? A business relationship with a Registered Agent is long-term, typically lasting years. Many legal services firms significantly underestimate costs and overestimate the quality of their customer service. Do your due diligence: get the 411 on Registered Agents right here at Registered Agent Reviews.

How do I choose a reliable registered agent?


registered agent reviews Be sure your registered agent is a member of NPRRA (The National Public Records and Research Association). NPRRA is the professional association for registered agents and document retrieval companies in the United States. http://www.nprra.org/
registered agent reviews Check for complaints with the Better Business Bureau - this association verifies that a business has not been involved in unethical conduct or business activity. http://welcome.bbb.org/
registered agent reviews Check to see if the Registered Agent uses Google Checkout for payment. Google Checkout has stringent rules for online merchants (https://checkout.google.com/seller/policies.html).
registered agent reviews Verify that your registered agent’s company is in good standing with the Secretary of State’s office. Most state SOS offices allow you to search for the company’s name online (for example, https://app.mt.gov/bes/).
registered agent reviews Be certain that your registered agent has a secure on-line website for submitting your corporate documents.
registered agent reviews Ask your registered agent how many years they have been in business.
registered agent reviews Search wisely. Look beyond suspiciously similar or generic testimonials. Some large legal services firms use paid linking programs to generate pages of positive reviews from affiliates who are paid for referrals. They may also use brand/reputation management firms and buy up disparaging domain names to try to control their image. The companies that you want to deal with are the ones that control their branding by cultivating customer satisfaction and loyalty.